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Vinegar from sherry wine

Vinegar from sherry wine
Sherries - the wines from Jerez de la Frontera - are among the most special and famous in the world. And from this special wine comes a no less exceptional vinegar. Sherry vinegar is the vinegar of the gourmet. While preserving all the qualities of the original wine, it gives us a unique and well-structured taste and palate, within which the basic acidity melts into an aroma which gives quality to any dish. For exceptional dishes, this vinegar is one of the main attractions, rounding up the flavour in a very individual and exceptional way.


For exceptional dishes, fine escabeches, and special sauces in seasoning and seasoned stews. It is recommended to use in small quantities. For the salad dressing, add the vinegar after the oil at the moment to serve. 


Wine vinegar from sherry. Contains sulfites. 


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