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Romesco with almonds and hazelnuts

Romesco with almonds and hazelnuts
We have prepared this traditional sauce from Tarragona with toasted Reus almonds and hazelnuts. Excellent for dressing vegetables, addin.g to stews or accompanying fish and shellfish.


The dominant taste is almonds and hazelnuts, with a hint of hot flavour. A classic sauce from Tarragona which, itself, gives a name to various dishes. 

Recommended use:

On its own an accompaniment to fish and shellfish, with salt cod, with pulses and vegetables. Can be thinned with olive oil or cooked tomato. Can be combined with SOFRITO or PICADA.


Olive oil (38%), fresh tomatoes, nuts (almonds and hazelnuts) (13%), chardonnay vinegar, garlic, spices, fiber and salt.


Available formats: 212, 440 and 965 ml.


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