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with Onion

with Onion
Molí de Pomerí offers four different varieties: with vegetables, onion, mushroom and codfish, so you can choose each time a different variety.

In 5 minutes the Mediterranean flavour to your table

1.    Place into a frying pan over medium heat

2.    Beat 3-4 eggs

3.    Remove the excess of oil

4.    Mix to finish the OmeletteMix to finish the Omelette


The Spanish Omelette is one of the most typical dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine, you can eat in different ways: on a plate, sandwich, or in a classical “tapa”.


Potato 65%, Oil 20% (80% sunflower oil and 20% Extra Virgin Olive oil), onion 14%, SALT and ascorbic acid.


Available formats: 340 grs. 

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